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¤ıMellax is designed to make the fabrics in the form of angulated wave ender the state of tension free and then
   to perform strong beating of the fabrics, when the best relaxing and shrinkage occur so that soft and bulky feeling can be
¤ıStem heat, thermo-fluid or gas can be used as heat source on request.
¤ıWith the beating and humidifying chamber installed, the effect of relaxing
   and shrinkage can be improved more highly.
¤ıThe integration of net driving part with guide frame guarantees stable
   operation and easy maintenance.
¤ıIt is possible not only to control speed with inverter but also to adjust the
   temperature of individual chambers, which will result in improvement of
   productivity and quality.
¤ıAs the heater fans are installed in zigzags from side to side, temperature
   variation of left and right and the tipping effect are prevented.
¤ıAs the humidification chamber is installed, the relaxing and contraction
   effects can be maximized (Optional)
¤ıThis mangle, of which up and down rollers are made of rubber materials, is composed of resin bath, screw expand roller,
   air cylinder, entrance frame, texter guide, scray dancer, torque drawing roller, guide roller, and frame.
¤ıThe resin tank having capacity of 100 liters auto matically supplies the resin to the resin bath and controls the level of resin
¤ıThe air control panel is used to control functions including the load and speed adjustmet of right and left mangle rollers,
   single and interlocking running and driving of texter and screw expand roller.
Function : Intense tumbling
Result    : Max. Relaxing Soft feeling, drape
Function : Through-ventilation
Result    : Max. Drying efficiency
Function : Short floating
Result    : Soft feeling, Full bullky
¤ıThe effect of treatment will depend on
  assembled type of nozzle slits.