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¤ıMAJESTAR Coating Machine SICA-1415
¤ıBecause Samill's majestar coating machine, it will create to more unique touchfeeling for various item's fabric. It's enables
   natural drying effect by uniform distribution of heat with ventilation system. Samill's majestar coating majestar coating machine
   is suitable to windproof, water repellent, waterproof etc.
¤ıSamill's majestar coating machine is suitable to new synthetic fabric, micro fabric, sea island fabric, etc. It's set up to quick
   response inverter for various tension control.
¤ıSamill's majestar coating machine is provide to many kind of coater for customer's option.
¤ıFor the uniformed temperature with ventilation which inside of coating chamber used like that high-tech of Samill's stenter