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With fabric form in itself, make you feel highly-enriched touch!
It is composed according to use, processing process, outputs, and chemical treatment. It uses thermal sources of types of textile and fabric in the preprocessing process including continuous desizing, scouring, bleaching, water washing, and mecerizing of the processing systems in the dyeing process. It requires tensionless operation, durability, stable quality, and productivity as the equipment which has been mass produced for a long time. Samill's Machine which focuses on environmental preservation and composition of highly efficient energy systems by saving water and energy is always doing its best to research and develop the continuous processing equipment putting themselves in the customer's shoes.
Samill's Continuous Desizing Scouring Machine can be widely applied ranging from nylon and nylon oxford to polyester. It is especially suitable for scouring non-sizing textiles. It also guarantees a compact appearance and the excellent scouring & washing effects by applyinginjectors and vibro washers to it.
Vibro washing drum