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ㆍPRE-DRY MACHINE SHN-60  The improvement in the performance at tenter
ㆍThe rise in speed at tenter
    - Increases productivity of stenter by 15 ~ 30%
ㆍThe rise in touch
    - Prevention of migration with surface dry phenomenon of resin by high efficient jet flow to hot air it's improved touch effect.
ㆍNo need in stallation area
    - Short installation period, no need installation area, because SHIP - 18 is installed on present stenter.
형식 Model Unit SHN-60
체 류 량 loading length (m) 18
최대작업속도 max. cloth speed (m/min) 100
최고사용온도 max.operating temperature (℃) 180
최대소모열량 heating capacity (kcal/hr) 200,000
전 력 electric power (kw) 18
온도제어방법 temperature control pid or on-off control
기 계 크 기 max.operating temperature (m/m) 2,600