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¤ýThe LUXEY-ST2000 Series provides excellent shrink-proof and explosion-proof effects, essential to processing new materials,
   as well as high-quality finishing effect of fabric surface.
¤ýThe LUXEY-ST2000 series doubles the shrink-proof and explosion-proof effects which are essential to finishing fabrics,
   made of new materials, which have been highlighted recently.
¤ýTumbling finishing improves touch, feel and air permeability and creates modified effect of fabric surface so that voluminous
   effect and drap ability, similar to those obtained by sandwashing, can be obtained through compound and accurate control for
   air flow, beating, temperature and steam, without doing damages to fabrics.
¤ýThe direct sensing type beam sensor and Samill's accumulated control technology allow the fabric to continue circulation
   and counter-cirulation with injection of airflow in an expanded state and to be plaited at the speed and as much as it enters
   by the drawing roller after being guided to the next chamber so that more homogenized and higher-quality finishing effect of
   fabric surface can be created.
¤ýThe applications are very wide;rayon, celluloid-based new material, cotton, wool, natural fiber, chemical fiber, high-density
   fabric, compound fiber fabric made of new material, knit fabric, ect.
Specification 1 Chamber 2 Chamber 3 Chamber
Working Speed 10 ~ 20 30 ~ 40 50 ~ 60
Electric Power 50 90 125
Temperature 180ˇÉ
Working Width 1,200 ~ 2,500mm
Heating Gas, Thermal Oil, Steam